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Surf Winter Warmth Liquid Detergent 24 Washes, 648ml

Surf Winter Warmth Liquid Detergent 24 Washes, 648ml

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Surf Limited Edition Winter Warmth Biological Liquid Detergent 24 Wash 648 ml will help take the edge off the Winter chill with a warming, festive fragrance of mandarin and cedarwood

This concentrated liquid detergent has a long lasting fragrance that will bring a perf and vibrant smell to your washing this season

Let Surf laundry liquid be your wing woman, bringing you brilliant cleaning results and leaving your clothes smelling gorgeously festive

Our washing detergent formula includes natural essential oils and ingredients that care for your clothes and fabrics

Make laundry more enjoyable with our bio washing liquid and its long lasting fragrance that helps your clothes smell good so you can feel confident in your own skin

This bottle contains enough bio detergent for 24 washes, for burst after burst of fragrant cleaning power


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