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PG Tips Gold 70 Tea Bags 203g

PG Tips Gold 70 Tea Bags 203g

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New PG Tips Gold is a luxurious blend, perfected with hand-plucked leaves from Rwanda, Kenya and Assam, expertly crafted to perfectly release its exquisite flavour.

We have enhanced our PG Tips Gold to ensure our new teabag offers you an indulgent, velvety and rich taste. Complemented with a new teabag shape to deliver a perfect flavour release. Made for tea lovers who appreciate the finer things in life.

New PG Tips Gold is best brewed for 1-2 minutes using boiling water, then adding milk as recommended by our Master Blenders.
Perfect Flavour Release, Indulgent, Velvety & Rich Taste, The Finest Leaves for an Exquisite Aroma, Our Manchester factory uses 100% renewable energy and is carbon neutral., Best brewed for 1-2 minutes.

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