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Day2 Denim Dry Wash Clothes Spray 200ml

Day2 Denim Dry Wash Clothes Spray 200ml

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Day2 Denim Dry Wash Clothes Spray 200 ml helps you to get more wear out of your denim. Go from just-worn to just-washed in 15 minutes, Day2 for Denim - revive your worn denim to look, feel, and smell just-washed. No machine washing necessary, Protect the colour of your denim and slow down the fading process with this fabric spray, prolonging the life of your jeans, jackets, or shorts, Remove odours, soften denim, and reset its shape without the need to iron to give you that ‘just-washed’ confidence, Much more than a fabric refresh spray - Day2 uses award-winning technology to reset your clothes to ‘just-washed’ in minutes, Each bottle saves 60 L of water and protects your clothes from damage

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