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Comfort Scent Booster Elixir First Blooms 460ml

Comfort Scent Booster Elixir First Blooms 460ml

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Introducing Comfort Botanical First Blooms Scent Booster Elixir, our first-ever bead-infused liquid scent booster, Comfort scent booster elixir leaves no residue – even in short and cold cycles, This laundry scent booster boasts a sophisticated fragrance of rose petals, bergamot and lily of the valley enriched with essential oils, Offers up to 10x more fragrance in every wash, infusing your laundry with extra freshness that lasts. Comfort scent boosters pair well with Comfort Botanical fabric conditioners for next-level freshness, Pour it into the conditioner compartment of your washing machine, on top of your fabric softener, and let the magic happen

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