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Cif Power Shine Kitchen Spray 700Ml

Cif Power Shine Kitchen Spray 700Ml

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Cif Power & Shine Kitchen Spray, powered by Cleanboost, removes 100% of tough grease on kitchen surfaces

This kitchen spray is safe for food preparation areas and suitable for cleaning ceramic, chrome, and enamel surfaces

Enriched with orange and tangerine oils, our cleaning spray quickly lifts away tough grease and grime, leaving surfaces sparkling with a zesty finish

Our kitchen degreaser contains a 100% naturally sourced cleaning agent and has a 100% biodegradable fragrance that leaves no harsh smells

Cif Power & Shine Kitchen Spray leaves your kitchen surfaces with a 100% streak-free shine

The bottle for this cleaning spray is 100% recyclable, made with recycled plastic* and can be reused for life with Cif ecorefills

Pack size: 700ML

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