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Vanish Gold Oxi-Action Stain Remover Powder 1.35kg

Vanish Gold Oxi-Action Stain Remover Powder 1.35kg

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From coffee to ketchup, new Vanish Gold Oxi Action powder for colours removes tough stains even in a cold 20°C wash & a quick 30-min cycle! Its multi-benefit formula also helps prevent colour transfer and removes odours from your wash, whilst giving your laundry a deep hygiene clean! JUST ADD 1 SCOOP IN EVERY WASH along with your detergent to make your Clothes Live Longer! Safe on everyday fabrics like cotton and polyester for use on colours & whites.
Removes tough stains at 20°C in 30 MINS in just one wash!, Helps prevent colour transfer in your wash, keeping your colours vibrant & safe!, Removes odours from deep within clothing fibres.

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